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TMC launches new mobility “super app”

Fleet and mobility data analytics firm The Miles Consultancy is launching a new mobility ‘super app’ that gives users a window into their transportation choices to help them make more informed decisions about how they travel. travel.

Mobility IQ is the result of merging the ideas of industry visionaries Paul Jackson, CEO and Founder of The Miles Consultancy, and Stuart Donnelly, self-proclaimed “Mr Mobility” and former Director of Sales for the US and Europe at Sixt. Donnelly changed roles to become president of mobility at TMC in May 2022.

Mobility iQ is a smart and interactive app that gives users the ability to visualize their mobility footprint based on the ‘4Cs’: Cost, Clock, Carbon and Calories. They can select options that provide information about their trip such as the cost comparison between one transportation choice versus another, the length of time it will take to complete the trip using the different options, the amount of carbon each option will emit and even how many calories they will burn biking or walking.

Enable users to make informed decisions

With this transparency, they can make “informed” decisions about their mobility choices. The app is available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement and will in future be linked with other mobility service providers to give the user the ability to search, book and pay for transport via a single app.

Stuart Donnelly, President of Mobility at TMC, explains the background: “In 2017, Paul Jackson had a vision to create an app to provide fuel economy insights. He dubbed it iQ. It was around the same time I was at Sixt focusing on sustainable, smart mobility and trying to disrupt car ownership. My vision was to create an app that would help people make smart choices instead of just jumping in the car thinking it was their only option. When Paul and I leave together, that’s when Mobility iQ was born.

This is definitely a case of two minds ready to change the way people think about travel for the better. In other words, it’s time to bring Miles to Mobility.

Additionally, TMC is expanding its partnership with Citibank to introduce an all-inclusive fleet card allowing users to digitally pay for multiple modalities, including public transport and micro-mobility. More details on this will follow soon. An explanatory video on Mobility IQ is available here.

Image: TMC