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T-Mobile launches its own Google TV dongle to compete with the Chromecast

Complete with a built-in Ethernet port

Heroes of the TVision hub

While Google’s latest TV platform has been around for over a year now, we have yet to see it expand beyond a handful of offerings. In the United States, the only such device to date is Google’s Chromecast with Google TV, launched late last year, and in the Indian market, the Realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick has also joined the listing. Now another device is hitting store shelves, and it’s coming from a source you might not expect. T-Mobile quietly announced its TVision Hub today, and in many ways it’s the bloated Chromecast we all wanted.

The device has the same form factor as the current and previous Chromecast – a circle-shaped washer with a short HDMI cable coming out of it, meant to hang on the back of your TV (via 9to5Google). That being said, it does feature several I / O and controller improvements. T-Mobile makes the latter a big selling point, as it has dual functions as a universal remote with power and input buttons for your TV, with shortcuts for Netflix, YouTube, and possibly a TV service. T-Mobile branded streaming. It also sports an Ethernet port, which the Chromecast lacks, allowing you to connect directly to your wired internet rather than just using Wi-Fi to stream your favorite movies and series.


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If this brand name is jostling in your memory, it is for good reason. T-Mobile had a streaming service called TVision, and a dongle to go with it, named – you guessed it – TVision Hub. This particular device was powered by Android TV, and T-Mobile tragically killed live TV service TVision just five months after its launch, with the company using YouTube TV as a replacement. The hub now lives on – this time in a package to the taste of Google TV.

This device uses the Amlogic S905Y4 chip – it is equipped with AV1 decoding and, in general, is a newer and more powerful chipset than what can be found in the Chromecast with Google TV. Plus, it runs Android TV OS 11 out of the box, an update that still hasn’t landed on Google’s latest streaming stick.

While T-Mobile has a listing on its website for TVision, we don’t know when it might be available. It appears that it will be offered free of charge to new residential Internet customers.

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