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Step forward in QMC overhaul and construction of ‘crime scenes’ among Nottingham plans

A wide range of projects were requested and given the green light last week in Nottingham. Various plans submitted to Nottingham City Council progressed in the week ending May 27.

The two most significant were the step forward in the the renovation of the maternity ward of a city hospital and the green light for the reuse of two “crime scenes”. Elsewhere, new plans have been proposed for housing above a clothing store in the city.

Meanwhile, the developers had an updated plan for a massive board-informed project. A car dealership has also obtained permission to carry out work before it reopens.

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A step forward for the redesign of QMC

On May 25, permission was given for the construction of a two-storey factory building to support the “reorganization and refurbishment” of the Maternity and Neonatal Suite at Queen’s Medical Centre. Concerns have been raised about the application as originally submitted, as the building was deemed “very functional” in appearance.

The location has also raised concerns given the proximity to the east block of QMC and the need to remove some of the limited landscaping that is on campus. However, the claimant said it was necessary to locate the building nearby as it would need to serve the refurbished services.

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Renovation of the “crime scene” building

On May 27, permission was given to Nottingham College to renovate a building in Nuthall Road, Basford into two ‘interactive crime scenes’. There are two eco-friendly modular buildings on the site which received planning permission in 2010.

The work will now make it possible to equip the teaching faculties of the College of Defective Sciences, acting like ‘real crime scenes and allowing students to practice what they learn in the classroom. A planning document said the buildings were in relatively poor condition, including the nearby landscape.

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Student accommodation above the city store

May 23, the board granted permission for the transformation of the upper floor of a city store into student accommodation. Housing can now be placed above the Jack Wills ground floor retail unit at 17 Bridlesmith Gate.

The original bid proposed converting part of the first floor into seven student studios. The new plans will see the front part of the first floor of the building converted into a five-bedroom apartment and a studio.

An objection was received from occupants of the second floor offices who were concerned about fire, access, noise and security. The Nottingham Civic Society had reservations about some of the details of the conversion of the Grade II listed building in the Old Market Square conservation area to residential use.

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Update to a huge greenlit development

On May 24 planning permission was granted to alter a huge development. The Deakins Place development in Radford is expected to include over 700 student beds and a cinema.

The land was formerly occupied by Willbond Plumbing, with nearby buildings and offices demolished in early 2021. Now planning has been changed to update landscaping specifications, external bike store for bikes updated site entrance canopy and new ramps/steps added.

A car dealership ready to freshen up before it opens

On May 27, a request was granted to allow the renovation of a car dealership before it opened. The Vernon Road, Nottingham site was previously operated by Kia but has been taken over by Toyota.

There will now be a vehicle repair bay added, as well as a stall along the “smart repair bay” in the back of the expansion. A vehicle wash bay will be constructed on the southwestern boundary, with proposed new fencing on the site and general refurbishment work.

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