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‘Smart Garbage App’ set to launch on May 15 – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Smart Garbage app to streamline garbage management activities in local communities will go live on May 15, LSG Minister MV Govindan has said. It would be available under 365 LSG in the initial phase and expanded statewide in the future. The app would help people file complaints about waste management. If the complaint is not dealt with in time, it will automatically be forwarded to higher authorities. As part of the intelligent garbage monitoring system, a GPS would be installed in the garbage trucks.

The minister said that the Haritha Keralam mission foresees a mass movement for scientific waste management. The state government equipped local communities by facilitating the infrastructure for mission activities. The focus would be on “reduce, reuse and recycle,” he added.

The first phase is to implement a green protocol, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials and those that can be reused. This would help reduce the amount of waste. The government has succeeded in raising awareness about these issues to some extent, Govindan said.
“We waste our limited natural resources out of ignorance. Reducing the amount of waste is easier than trying to eliminate huge amounts of waste. This is the way forward for responsible societies,” noted the Minister.

The most environmentally friendly method of disposing of waste is to treat biodegradable waste by composting and non-biodegradable waste by recycling. LSG’s material recovery facilities could help reduce the amount of waste accumulation.

The minister said several local communities have launched facilities that sell second-hand electronics, toys, clothes and furniture. In these places, people were handing over unwanted goods. Meanwhile, the Haritha Karma Sena is collecting waste from the source in 1021 KJV. The litter-free campaign should get rid of the practice of littering in public places. For this, CCTV cameras would be installed. The campaign would focus on public places and bodies of water. The government will provide electric vehicles to the Haritha Karma Sena for collecting garbage from homes, the minister said.