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Rigging Hack: Compass App-ing Your Capture Angle – Rowing Stories, Features & Interviews

Spent a little too much time with your rig charts and now need a quick way to start measuring catch angles? Well, there is a hack – and an app! – for that: try Compass App-ing Your Catch Angles.

This one appeared on Vespoli’s Instagram account a few weeks ago, with Charlie Huthmaker showing a way to use his phone to measure the grip angles of an oar handle, and we just had to contact Hacker Huthmaker for more information.

Huthmaker admitted to us that he reflected on most of his rigging suggestions and tools during his hours of long solo road trips for Vespoli, and from his experience with the USRowing Coaching Ed program, where he responds to de many questions specific to the rigging of coaching students. . As he says, “I wanted to invent a simple tool to measure the capture angle, but I realized that it was in my pocket with the Compass app. I couldn’t find an app. Protractor free, so it works. ”

Huthmaker’s app patch is a modern solution to a somewhat new problem: the proliferation of wing riggers makes it difficult to use cardboard or plywood capture angle calculators that were once a rowing hack. in its own right. Cut to fit the shape of the hull and a side rigger, all you needed was some string and an elementary school protractor to hack one, but the fenders make them difficult to pull off. use, as Huthmaker pointed out:

“Modern wing riggers prevent using the old-fashioned protractor on the cardboard / plywood solution to measure catch and finish angles and most teams do not have an Empower rowlock.”

But most people have a phone and a Compass app, so Huthmaker is on to something here, for sure – and, of course, that will work just as well for those of you who prefer measuring angles of arrival first. , too.

Here’s his quick, how-to guide to Compass App-ing Your Catch Angles:

The electrical tape holds the phone to the tree. The closer you are to the oarlock, the better. I do NOT recommend doing this on the water unless you have a phone that floats!

1. Mark a spot on the outer gunwale perpendicular to the pin using a construction square.
2. Stick the phone to row near the barrel
3. Point the oar at a perpendicular point and record the compass setting.
4. Choose the capture angle you want (usually 54-57 degrees)
5. Do the math and swing the oar at 54-57 degrees
6. Glue a zip tie to the inner gunwale where the handle would touch it at the correct hooking angle.

Necessary tools:
Smartphone with Compass app
Electrical tape
Zipped fasteners (color of your choice)
Construction square to help find the point perpendicular to the spindle

Of course it takes a bit of setup and a wide bay for the boats – or a nice afternoon where the boat can sit outside a bit, but for ease of use and to avoid making a sort from catch angle plank, that’s a pretty nifty trick. So grab some electrical tape and zip ties – two other frequently used hacking tools, as you know – and start taking those catch angles seriously.

Do you have a softer way to make rig science a little easier to measure? If that is the case, share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

If you have a great rowing hack to suggest for future inclusion, please send it to us and we’ll feature your idea in a future column.

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