Smart talk app

Remote smart app compressor controller with live updates and monitoring

Atlas Copco introduced its new, entirely in-house developed Elektronikon Nano, the first compressor controller that can be operated remotely with a smart app. Now, with Atlas Copco’s SmartLink app, the G-Series is the first compressor to allow ‘over the air’ updates for users and the ability to monitor their compressor remotely. With online Nano updates via wireless, users can be assured that the Elektronikon Nano is operating using the latest advanced features available.

This latest controller completes the Atlas Copco Elektronikon range, which includes Elektronikon Swipe and Elektronikon Touch. Although the Nano is the smallest of the three models, it offers the full Elektronikon controller experience with a premium build and an intuitive, clean screen. The Nano also comes with a host of advanced features, such as energy saving DSS (Delayed Second Stop), which stops the compressor motor during periods of low demand to reduce overall energy consumption.

The Elektronikon Nano’s Wi-Fi and wired connectivity allows users to monitor their Atlas Copco G-Series compressor using the SmartLink app on their smartphone or tablet. With a simple glance, the user can check in real time the most important performance indicators of the unit: operating pressure, temperature, operating hours and operating status.

Plus, with the Bluetooth connection, customers can remotely adjust pressure, keep tabs on key data points, or improve compression efficiency by running a leak detection program that helps identify costly leaks. of the compressed air system. Additionally, for added user peace of mind, the SmartLink app sends real-time notifications that alert users to machine warnings and shutdowns.

Previously, when controller updates were available, the end user had to connect the compressor to a computer to manually download a patch with the update. The new Nano is the first compressor controller to support OTA (over-the-air) updates which can be installed automatically.

Ensuring the compressor controller is installed with the latest version of software via automatic over-the-air OTA updates means users can rest assured that the compressor is operating at its peak performance and the equipment will retain a greater part of its value, thereby protecting the future of the user’s capital investment.

Atlas Copco adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards. Atlas Copco is the first compressor company to offer OTA updates for its compressors using advanced authentication based on X 509 certificates and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encrypted communication. Unauthorized users near the compressor cannot enter the system. A time-limited pairing procedure prevents unauthorized access via Bluetooth and data storage encryption makes it impossible to access or modify data stored in the compressor. Additionally, the Bluetooth communication channel is encrypted, so sensitive data such as Wi-Fi passwords are never exposed, giving its customers complete peace of mind.

All features of the Nano are free for customers – all they need is a Wi-Fi/wired connection or Bluetooth functionality. The new controller will be rolled out to the entire Atlas Copco G range of rotary compressors. The first Atlas Copco compressors equipped with the Elektronikon the Nano are the G15L-22 range.