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Raiinmaker influencer marketing app passes Zokyo Smart Contract audits

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Raiinmaker, a social media platform designed to connect fans with influencers, has successfully passed a recent round of security audits conducted by cybersecurity firm Zokyo.

Raiinmaker passes audits

Social media fan engagement platform Raiinmaker has successfully passed a set of comprehensive smart contract audits by cybersecurity agency Zokyo. Raiinmaker’s Proof of Influence protocol was stress tested by Zokyo’s blockchain security team, ensuring the app met token standards, smart contract logic, and security. appropriate.

“We are delighted to have passed Zokyo’s rigorous security audits, as Hartej and his team are widely regarded as one of the best,” said JD Seraphine, Founder and CEO of Raiinmaker. “Ultimately, we are happy to confirm the effectiveness of our Proof of Influence protocol and its smart contracts.”

Raiinmaker is a social engagement platform that unites fans and communities with brands and creators under one roof, providing the decentralized infrastructure to launch media campaigns through popular social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Targeting an influencer marketing industry expected to be worth $ 15 billion in 2022, Raiinmaker is shaking up traditional advertising methods by directly connecting customers with influencers. Through a combination of matchmaking, incentive and a unique ‘proof of influence’ protocol, Raiinmaker uses the decentralized structure of blockchain to eliminate advertising middlemen.

Zokyo is a digital products and cybersecurity agency that tests the security of startups and Fortune 500 companies through a series of protocol audits, penetration testing, and other security checks. The firm has performed audits on numerous cryptocurrency projects, becoming a trusted entity in the blockchain space.

The successful security audit should shed light on the upcoming launch of Raiinmaker’s internal token, Coiin. In the Raiinmaker app, Coiin is used to launch reward pools which are used to directly fund marketing campaigns. Influencers get paid in Coiin for the tasks they perform and the engagement they generate, while users can also stake Coiin rewards in a proof-of-stake template to earn additional passive income.

Rainmaker aligns brand incentives and goals to generate word of mouth and develop fan affinity. By leveraging the power of decentralized identity, brands and creators can better stimulate conversations and drive engagement by adding likes, comments, and views to content. Raiinmaker leverages blockchain to automate fan engagement processes and provides digital rewards at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, enabling fans to discover, grow, and earn rewards through social action.

Zokyo offers smart contract and protocol audits, penetration testing, and web and mobile design advice as one of the most reputable cybersecurity agencies in the blockchain space, confirming the security and functionality of projects from decentralized cryptocurrency. Zokyo also offers enterprise-grade functionality at affordable rates through a combination of onshore and offshore services.

For more information, contact Monroe Rothschild, Marketing Manager at Raiinmaker, at [email protected]

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