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Noida will soon have dedicated spots with free WiFi, mobile charging stations and panic buttons

Residents of Noida will soon be able to access free Wi-Fi, use benches with built-in cell phone charging points and USB ports, and find signs pointing to the nearest ATM on a 1.7 kilometer stretch between Shashi Chowk and Logix City Center Mall. The Noida Authority has announced that it will develop the section into a model road as part of a pilot program as part of its attempt to improve public services in the city of Noida.

A Times of India report said the Authority will install free high-speed Wi-Fi stations along the entire stretch between Shashi Chowk, which is at the intersection of Sector 36 and Sector 39, and the Logix City Center Mall. , which is located in Sector 32. There will be a themed pedestrian stretch with smart benches with cell phone charging stations as well as USB ports.

The Authority said it would also ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists along the stretch. For this, the road will have posts with panic buttons attached to them. These buttons will be linked to the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), so that in the event of an emergency, the buttons will send alerts to the nearest traffic control room for immediate response.

“Road safety has been given priority in this project, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. To do this, pedestrian crossings and thematic paths will be integrated into the road system. Apart from these, one side of the road will be converted into a Multi-Utility Zone (MUZ) with free Wi-Fi,” Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari was quoted in the report as saying.

In the project to make the stretch smart and more user-friendly, the Noida Authority will spend around Rs 5 crore. It is expected to be ready by the end of May and if successful, the Authority will start making similar arrangements on other sections of Noida including the Noida-Greater Noida highway.

“We have started work on this model road where the project cost is around Rs 5 crore. We expect to complete the work by the end of May,” said SP Singh, Deputy Managing Director of Traffic Cell, Noida Authority.

The Authority also said it would beautify the roads by installing more sculptures “to add vibrancy and identity to the city”. There will also be a greenbelt available throughout the stretch, which Singh says “can be used for night walks or quiet rest areas.” The Authority also plans to install vendor kiosks near the metro station and smart bus stops powered by solar panels with signs indicating the nearest ATM.