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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone: AOTS, NTT DOCOMO and Mobile Innovation to test 5G compatible remote technical training

October 14, 2021

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 14 — The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS), NTT DOCOMO (DOCOMO) and its Thai subsidiary Mobile Innovation (MI) announced today that they have entered into a collaboration agreement on a trial that will assess the feasibility of delivering AOTS technical training programs remotely from Japan to overseas countries. The trial will use DOCOMO and MI’s 5G network capabilities and solutions, and will use the RealWear smart glass display and AVATOUR 360-degree remote presence solutions. The trial will run from today until March 31, 2022.

During the trial period, Japanese companies participating in AOTS training programs will help assess the feasibility and effectiveness of 5G solutions by providing hands-on remote training and technical advice. Global border restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in difficulties in on-the-job training as well as in the transfer of technical knowledge and the provision of hands-on technical advice face-to-face. The trial aims to solve technical training issues in developing countries with hands-on distance learning and human resource development by leveraging the latest ICT and digital solutions.

AOTS is a Japanese human resources development organization that supports developing countries by promoting technical cooperation through training, dispatch of experts, and other support programs. AOTS engages with Japanese companies to provide training programs – from management training to on-site technical training – both in Japan and abroad, and sends experts to improve the technical level of local employees. Japanese companies and their local partners in foreign countries.

The RealWear solution used during the trial includes a 100% hands-free head-mounted smart glass display panel worn by the trainee or remote user. It incorporates voice recognition functionality, providing the wearer with hands-free access to support documentation and other media. And by using the AVATOUR with a 360 degree camera, it also allows the user to take photos and videos of their surroundings and stream them to the host location using 5G connectivity.

The 5G solutions tested will allow trainers in Japan to remotely determine the physical environment of trainees in Thailand while providing real-time training on hands-on operations. They will also offer interns in Thailand the opportunity to “virtually” visit factories, construction sites and other facilities in Japan and study their operations, making them feel like they are physically there. The trial will also assess the feasibility of transferring the technological know-how and skills required to maintain Japanese levels of quality in a wide range of industries abroad.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Japanese companies faced the challenge of not being able to send technical experts to their overseas subsidiaries, resulting in delays in sharing expertise and skills with them and impacted their business expansion plans globally. AOTS will present DOCOMO and MI solutions to Japanese companies considering implementing remote technical training as effective support tools that help deliver smooth training sessions. Building on their expertise in 5G solutions, DOCOMO and MI will also offer use cases and on-site operational support to Japanese companies considering deploying RealWear smart glass display and camera solutions. AVATOUR 360 for the implementation of remote technical training.

AOTS, DOCOMO and MI aim to use 5G solutions globally in the field of human resource development and in supporting the global operations of Japanese companies to give them more opportunities to maximize profitable activities that support the adaptation of people to the “new normal”.

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NTT DOCOMO, the leading mobile operator in Japan with more than 82 million subscriptions, is one of the world’s main contributors to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network technologies. Beyond basic communication services, DOCOMO challenges new frontiers in collaboration with a growing number of entities (“+ d” partners), creating exciting and practical value-added services that change the way people live and work. working. As part of a medium-term plan towards 2020 and beyond, DOCOMO is pioneering a cutting-edge 5G network to facilitate innovative services that will surprise and inspire customers beyond their expectations.

About mobile innovation

Mobile Innovation Co., Ltd. is an IoT service provider with a presence throughout Southeast Asia. Our main products, including a fleet management service and an SMS broadcast service, have been used by corporate clients for more than a decade and have contributed to their growth. Mobile Innovation Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 as a joint venture between NTT DOCOMO, INC. and Loxley Public Company Limited. NTT DOCOMO is a leading mobile network operator in Japan, providing comprehensive services focused on mobility, and Loxley, with a history of nearly 80 years, is a leading company in Thailand with experience in a wide range of businesses.

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