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Neymar Jr. unveils next generation e.GO Mobile e.wave X range

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Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the independent German electric car manufacturer, unveiled its next-generation lineup starting with e.wave X with brand ambassador, Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. The e.wave X is a 4-seater that fits almost any parking space.

It offers an ultra-wide screen and many smart and connected features to provide a unique user experience.

Around 150 guests and press representatives attended the exclusive launch in Berlin.

e.wave x has a larger battery with a city range of up to 240 kilometres, an electric motor up to 80 kW on the rear axle and now an 11 kW on-board charger.

Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, said: “Accelerating sustainable mobility is at the forefront, not only for the future of our planet, but also for navigating in the tectonic changes that we are experiencing on a global scale. ”

Neymar Jr., adds: “Watching how this special electric car is built is like watching 3D art executed in minutes. It’s not just a car, it’s a statement that combines innovation and sustainability in a lifestyle choice.

Copyright: Gisela Schober, Getty Images, PR for e.GO Mobile SE)

e.GO, based in Aachen, is the first independent European manufacturer of BEVs to successfully reach 1,000 cars produced. The company is committed to contributing to zero-emission urban mobility by further increasing production in 2022 and beyond.