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Mobile digital bank MinePlex launches new CrossFi payment solution MinePlex.Finance

NEW YORK, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MinePlex is a next-generation digital ecosystem that has emerged to meet the demand for more advanced and modern payment solutions. The company uses a unique CrossFi technology, created as a combination of the stability of traditional finance and the transparency and security of blockchain technology.

MinePlex has launched a new service called MinePlex.Finance, which will link PLEX tokens and major fiat currencies. A new app allows users to transfer, buy, store or spend their currency, both online and offline. Use digital and trust funds, side by side, through one app, and manage all your finances with it every day in seconds. Your bank account in EUR, GBP and PLEX tokens in a smartphone anywhere.

MinePlex.Finance is independent of the MinePlex platform, although it requires the use of the project’s own PLEX tokens in order to use it. It is an advanced solution that can be used as a digital account, payment app or mobile wallet for PLEX tokens and fiat prime.

Paying with MinePlex crypto and fiat currencies will be simple, as MinePlex also offers a virtual card for online purchases as well as physical card delivery that can be shipped anywhere in the world. The MinePlex card works on the basis of the MasterCard payment system, thanks to a partnership with Dzing Finance Ltd. This will give users all the benefits of a leading service: spend PLEX and fiat anywhere in the world where there is a card reader.

By installing MinePlex.Finance, users get several unique benefits, such as creating multi-currency bank accounts in their own smartphones, and being their sole managers, with no third parties involved. Users will be able to access their funds in the form of fiat or PLEX tokens anytime, anywhere. Operations with different cryptocurrencies are available with Mineplex.Money.

Click on here to download the MinePlex.Finance app from the Apple App Store.

About MinePlex

MinePlex follows the mission to expand the influence of blockchain technology and provide easily understandable and accessible financial tools that will make using crypto as easy as using traditional currencies. Founded in 2020 and based in Singaporethe company’s team consists of more than 50 professionals with experience in the traditional finance and digital currency industries.