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Logistics tech startup Pickrr plans to expand its team and hire people to bolster its leadership team

While working with an IT consulting firm, Rhitiman Majumder (CMO and co-founder, Pickrr), Ankit Kaushik (COO and co-founder, Pickrr) and Gaurav Mangla, (co-founder and CEO, Pickrr) came up with the idea of ​​integrating technology with logistics and launching a technology platform for e-commerce brands and D2C. This was after the challenges that brands faced when sending out a small volume of shipments. Coordinating with multiple courier partners for various locations, tracking each shipment in real time, etc., was time consuming. Seeing all these challenges, gaps and technological requirements in the industry, Pickrr was launched in 2015. Keeping D2C brands and e-commerce at the core of their business, they decided to name the company Pickrr – relating to the ease of product selection. orders.

Excerpts from an interview with Gaurav Mangla, co-founder and CEO, Pickrr

Post-pandemic, how has the logistics space changed? What challenges do you face?

Pickrr has evolved in an interesting way since 2015. From being an aggregator for all courier companies, we are now an enabler and growth engine for the country’s D2C ecosystem. The logistics sector has gone through several challenges, and various factors contribute to it. We are taking several steps to address our sellers’ challenges.

Considering the impulse buying habit of end consumers, online sellers face many challenges to ensure last mile deliveries in hard-to-reach terrain. This is mainly due to logistical barriers which add to their difficulty in expanding into these markets as customers prefer their shipments to be delivered the same day. Therefore, if a brand takes a long time to deliver a shipment, the buyer often changes their mind and refuses to accept the delivery.

To expedite shipments to these parts of the country with fast turnaround time and lessen shipping hassles for sellers, we have our pan-India network of fulfillment centers. Since hubs are closer to customer locations, our solution makes it easier for brands to set the right expectations for their customers and make fast deliveries with minimal shipping costs.

While many processes bring perfection and precision to logistics operations, reverse logistics is closely linked to customer satisfaction. To help brands reduce the percentage of return-to-origin (RTO) orders, our recently introduced solution Pickrr Predict provides predictive customer analysis by considering more than 50 parameters against each order and identifying their percentage risk. . Based on the same intelligent data analysis, sellers can then take the necessary steps to mitigate the significant shipping risk as soon as the order is placed on Pickrr.

What is your current growth rate and revenue?

We have a strong base of over 75,000 sellers whom we help with their end-to-end shipping requirements. Currently, we do 3 million shipments every month and have pan-India reach with Pickrr Plus Fulfillment to ensure 1-2 day delivery to end customers. All of our initiatives have resulted in the massive growth of the company. 2021 has been a fantastic year as we have tripled compared to 2020. We expect to grow at the same rate this year as well and aim to reach a revenue rate of $50 million by the end of the year. financial year 2022.

Do you plan to grow in terms of numbers and cities?

Pickrr is currently headquartered in Gurgaon and has a strong team of over 450 people here. We have operations in 20 cities with distribution centers across the country, which our extended team manages, and we will continue to grow as the business needs it.

As we move into the next phase of growth and expansion, we are hiring more people to strengthen our management team. Earlier this year, we onboarded Sandeep Dinodiya as Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering and Vineet Budhiraja as Senior Vice President, Operations.

What are your plans for the future ?

Working to satisfy our customers remains our priority this year, and the post-purchase experience is driving loyalty. To provide more convenience and increase the efficiency of our sellers, we are planning expansions across the country by creating smart fulfillment centers. All facilities will offer bespoke solutions, including the use of a WMS with smart technology, smooth palletized output of bulk orders, custom packaging, refrigeration capability, and more.

With the Pickrr Plus Fulfillment model, sellers can automate their orders, reduce inventory worries, and deliver shipments to their customers within 24-48 hours. We recently launched our revolutionary easy checkout solution for brands.

We intend Pickrr to be the largest Saas-based logistics company that enables even the smallest D2C players from any part of the country, with the best end-to-end solutions, to do business in line seamlessly and emerge as Atmanirbhar.

You recently launched Pickrr Predict. How much of a difference could he have made in deliveries. What is the impact of a failing COD on the business?

Recently, COD failures have become a significant challenge for businesses, and there are several factors that can explain the non-receipt of COD orders, resulting in considerable monetary loss for brands. Like fraudulent orders, incorrect addresses, unavailability of cash, late delivery, restricted areas, etc. To help our sellers make an informed decision about their shipments, we have introduced Pickrr Predict, which helps calculate the first sellers order risk percentage.

Flagship product “Pickrr Predict” provides predictive analytics to sellers based on over 50 metrics, including customer’s past online transactions, return history, high-stress delivery areas, and more, as soon as an order is placed on the Pickrr dashboard. This information helps sellers mitigate the significant risk associated with COD orders.

Pickrr Predict already solves shipping issues for over 5,000 sellers currently using this disruptive service.

Recently, Pickrr launched Fastrr. How will this help brands?

Pickrr’s Fastrr Checkout is the next generation checkout, meeting the needs of the new era of today’s modern shopper. It’s easy, fast and secure payment that takes the hassle out of setting up accounts and filling out lengthy forms for a buyer. Fastrr offers additional features such as address intelligence, delivery date promise, and multiple secure payments enhancing a buyer’s experience on this D2C website.

It is the most advanced and fastest one-click payment service that speeds up a buyer’s entire checkout journey and reduces RTO (return to origin), improves customer conversion and improves the prepaid to COD mix for a business.

Were you able to fulfill the premise you had in mind when you launched Pickrr?

Definitively! We have done it and we will continue to do so. First an aggregator of all courier companies, we are now an enabler of the D2C ecosystem. With over 75,000 sellers, we complete 3 million shipments every month and provide 1-2 day delivery to end consumers. Providing the best customer experience has been our priority since the very beginning.

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Posted: Sunday May 15th 2022, 10:36 PM IST