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JK Tire plans significant reduction in water and coal use by 2025 to mitigate risk

Mumbai: JK Tire & Industries Limited has set itself the goal of significantly reducing water and coal consumption by 2025. This will not only reduce its environmental footprint, but will also help to mitigate business risks.

By 2025, the leading tire maker plans to reduce its raw water consumption for manufacturing processes across all its factories in India by more than 65% compared to the base year of FY 2013-2014 .

“We strictly monitor our water consumption through the installation of water meters at key points in our manufacturing units, and constantly aim to improve the water efficiency of our operations, while reducing our use groundwater,” said Manufacturing Manager Mr. Anil Makkar.

JK Tyre’s Kankroli and Chennai plants have already achieved zero raw water consumption for processes. “We only use raw water for drinking purposes at both plants,” he added.

JK Tire has become a global benchmark for the lowest raw water consumption per kg of tire manufactured, the result of systematic initiatives over the past five years.

At JK Tyre, we have long recognized water availability as a business risk and therefore focus on proactive water safety assessment and planning at all of our manufacturing sites, primarily through to continuously improving the water efficiency (water use per tonne of finished product) of our operations,” said Mr. Makkar.

Besides water, coal is another aspect where JK Tire has huge plans. Initially, the company claims that by fiscal year 2024-25, it will replace 50% of its coal consumption with biomass.

“However, the change would involve significant investment because we will have to make modifications to our boilers. We are also blocking a steady supply of biomass,” Makkar said.

With this and many other similar actions, JK Tire emphasizes the use of green and clean energy, which leads to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the dependence on fossil fuels.

JK Tire will continue to contribute to building a sustainable society by balancing operations with the environment, being in harmony with nature and improving everyone’s quality of life. “It’s a responsible company and giving back to the community is at the heart of the company’s culture.

JK Tire is not only driven by the need to make the world a better place through manufacturing a safer and technologically advanced product, but also by expanding its circle of prosperity,” Mr. Makkar said.

JK Tire & Industries Limited

Flagship company of JK Organization, JK Tire & Industries Ltd is among the top 25 manufacturers in the world. A pioneer in radial technology, the company produced the first radial tire in 1977 and is currently the market leader in the Truck Bus Radial segment.

The company provides end-to-end solutions in the segments of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, agriculture, off-road vehicles and two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

A global force, JK Tire is present in 105 countries with more than 180 global distributors. The company has 12 world-class “sustainable” manufacturing plants – 9 in India and 3 in Mexico – which collectively produce approximately 35 million tires per year. The company also has a strong network of over 4,000 dealerships and over 600 dedicated brand stores called Truck Wheels, Steel Wheels and Xpress Wheels.

JK Tire’s unwavering commitment to innovation is reflected in its world-leading research and technology hub – the Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence – in Mysore, home to some of the best technologies and techniques in the world.

JK Tire has launched India’s first ever ‘Smart Tire’ technology and introduced Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) which monitors vital tire stats including pressure and temperature. The company recently rolled out its 20 millionth truck/bus radial tire, becoming the first and only Indian company to achieve the milestone.

It is the only Indian tire manufacturer to feature in the list of Indian Super Brands in 2019 for the seventh consecutive year. JK Tire has been awarded the Sword of Honor for Factory Safety by the British Safety Council, UK. The company entered the Limca Book of Records with the largest off-road tire in the country – VEM 04.

JK Tire is also synonymous with motorsport in the country. For more than three decades, the company has worked tirelessly to shape India’s positioning as a motorsport hub in Asia, developing the right infrastructure for the sport and promoting young talent in the arena. .