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iHeart SoCal Show: Samaritan App | ALT 98.7

This week on the IHeart SoCal show, EJ spoke to Samaritan CEO Jonathan Kumar about their Samaritan app. The 63,000 homeless people in Los Angeles need more than a home – they need social support. That’s why they created the Samaritan app, where you can help your unprotected neighbors achieve increased stability and health. It’s easy and takes less than a minute – be part of the solution by downloading the Samaritan app from here.

Dignity Health and California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) recently partnered with Health Care LA (HCLA) to provide homeless patients with memberships in Samaritan, a platform that provides members with direct financial and social support for housing and goals. of life. Members receive a Samaritan Smart Portfolio from Case Managers or Patient Navigators, sharing life goals and breaking them down into needs and action steps. From there, members earn money and a team of supports to meet needs (such as clothing, phone service, or move-in costs) and take action to reach their goals (such as meeting with a specialist housing, accessing primary care or submitting a job application).

More than 50% of Samaritan members measurably improve access to healthcare, housing, employment and other categories within a year. These results are linked to significant reductions in hospitalizations, emergency room visits and incarceration, among other public services. Members are not required to have a bank account to participate, nor a cell phone, address, legal documents or insurance. They use their smart wallet to exchange funds with local case managers and merchants, as well as securely store critical documents. Samaritan guarantees that more than $100,000 will be given to the first 200 patients, with a goal of surpassing $200,000 and expanding membership by May 2023.

“Through our collaboration with HCLA, we are thrilled to be able to have a truly meaningful impact on an otherwise disenfranchised and vulnerable population,” said Alina Moran, President of CHMC Hospital. “With the unique capabilities of the Samaritan platform, we can better serve our local communities, while helping them meet their critical healthcare needs and achieve their life goals.”

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