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How to Stop Apple TV Keyboard Notifications on iPhone

Disable those nagging Apple TV keyboard notifications in iOS!

Wondering how to stop Apple TV keyboard notifications on iPhone? Continue reading!

The Apple TV is one of the best devices made by Apple. If you’re used to clunky interfaces on your smart TV, the Apple TV opens your eyes after just a few minutes of use. And when I say a revelation, I mean it shows you just how smooth and easy to navigate a smart TV interface can be.

It’s true that the AppleTV is much more expensive than things like Amazon Fire TV or that of Google Chromecastbut its ease of use greatly offsets the cost impact.

Of course, one of the many things that makes Apple TV so easy to use is its operating system, tvOS, which draws a lot of inspiration from iOS. It is also deeply integrated with iOS. This is no longer evident when you receive an Apple TV keyboard notification on your iPhone while using the Apple TV.

However, this Apple TV keyboard notification in iOS annoys many iPhone owners greatly. We’ll explain what notification is, why people find it annoying, and how to turn it off.

What are Apple TV Keyboard Notifications on iPhone?

The Apple TV Keyboard Notification is a pop-up notification you receive on your iPhone when interacting with tvOS (the Apple TV operating system). Specifically, this Apple TV keyboard notification will show up on your iPhone when your iPhone is in range of your Apple TV (for example, when you’re at home) and when you use the Apple TV remote to select a search box in most Apple TVs. apps. Sometimes you will also see the keyboard notification appear if you are in other text input fields in the tvOS or tvOS apps.

If you meet these requirements, you will normally see the Apple TV keyboard notification appear on your iPhone. But why is this?

This is because Apple has integrated a feature into iOS and tvOS which allows you to use your iPhone’s on-screen keyboard as an input device for text input fields in tvOS instead of having to use the built-in horizontal keyboard provided by tvOS.

While tvOS’ horizontal keyboard is pretty quick and easy to use (especially if you’re using the Siri Remote to dictate what you want to type, Apple knows that some people just find it easier to use a QWERTY keyboard to enter text – and since tvOS doesn’t offer a QWERTY keyboard (it would be inconvenient to use it with a remote), Apple is giving users the option to automatically use the iPhone keyboard with Apple TV.

Why do people find Apple TV keyboard notifications on iPhone annoying?

Many don’t. But if you’re reading this, you probably do. This is mostly for people who don’t like notifications cluttering their screens.

But the Apple TV keyboard notification is also more glaring than most iOS notifications because it can pop up so often if you’re interacting with tvOS on your AppleTV– even more so if you have several Apple TVs in your household and thus receive a garage of Apple TV keyboard notifications.

How to Stop Apple TV Keyboard Notifications on iPhone

Luckily, it’s easy to stop Apple TV keyboard notifications on your iPhone. However, note that you will need to be using iOS 15.1 or later to do this. So, here’s how to stop the Apple TV keyboard notification from appearing on your iPhone:

  1. On the iPhone, open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap Apple TV Keyboard.
  4. Toggle the “Allow notifications” switch to OFF (white).

And that’s all! You have now disabled all future Apple TV keyboard notifications on your iPhone.

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