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HBO Max’s Apple TV app gets a much-needed overhaul

HBO Max delivers on its promise to revamp its underwhelming smart TV apps. Both Variety and The edge say WarnerMedia is rolling out an update AppleTV app which tackles some of the most pressing problems that remained. For one thing, it’s ultimately built on a modern platform that should be more reliable than the relatively old HBO Go/Now framework. You’ll also see a new homepage with a scrollable “hero” banner, the ability to skip credits, more control over My Stuff watchlists, and easier logins.

The new version should hit your Apple TV device this week or next. You can already find the framework in many other apps from HBO Max, including for Android, PlayStation, Roku players, and TVs from LG, Samsung, and Vizio. Similar redesigns are coming for Amazon Fire TV devices and the web.

The faulty Apple TV client was the result of WarnerMedia’s push to speed up the launch of HBO Max. Rather than build its Smart TV apps from scratch, the media company has repurposed its HBO Go and HBO Now apps to reduce development time. According to WarnerMedia executive vice president Sarah Lyons, the company knew it would have to “reform” the app to modernize it and accommodate both international expansion and more content.

This rushed approach might not have helped HBO Max’s initial growth. just look valued that the service held 7% of the global streaming market share in February compared to 17.6% for Disney+. While we don’t expect the new apps to increase in demand, they could help HBO retain subscribers who would otherwise be frustrated enough to leave.

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