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GOQii Smart Healthcare makes foray into UK for patient care, plans to invest £10m

GOQii Smart Healthcare announced its foray into the UK for patient care on Saturday. The company has also announced that it will invest up to £10 million in the UK over the next 3-5 years and aims to create over 100 high quality healthcare jobs in the UK. .

According to the company, preventative health care is the only viable long-term solution for the mass market. The company also informed that chronic diseases represent one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare systems across the world.

GOQii also partners with Modality Partnerships, the UK’s largest super general practitioner who run primary healthcare and community services across the country. GOQii and its partners are committed to upholding the values ​​of the National Health Service (NHS) and to developing, innovating and sustaining services in general practice and throughout the system.

“We are very happy to make a foray into the UK. It will help thousands of patients across the UK to improve their health outcomes. GOQii is a unified platform to provide a holistic approach to disease management. We already have several people with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart conditions on our platform who have reversed their condition just by changing their lifestyle,” Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO of GOQii said in a statement.

GOQii’s advanced health ecosystem consists of a core team that includes personal coaches, health experts, doctors, and diagnostics. It brings together all user health data in a single platform from which it can be analyzed by the core team. This allows the user to receive personalized health advice based on their lifestyle and habits.