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FEATURED: UNCDF Launches Lenga Mobile App to Accelerate Financial Inclusion in Rwanda | New times

Through expanding financial access and digital and financial literacy (REFAD) Program in Rwanda, the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and its implementing partners officially launched the Lenga program digital financial literacy mobile app.

The implementing partners are; Inkomoko, Equity Bank Rwanda, Umutanguha Microfinance Company and World Relief Rwanda.

The app was launched on December 9 at the Kigali Serena Hotel and targets Rwandans who wish to acquire skills in creating savings plans, budgeting, understanding different types of groups. savings, comparing financial services and deciding to borrow.

Attendees follow a presentation at the launch of the Lenga digital financial literacy mobile app on December 9.

The app currently has six modules that target the financial and digital skills needed to achieve the skills. It includes both video and audio content with quizzes and activities, as well as demonstrations and explanations on key content areas such as creating your own budget, using mobile money products safely. security or thinking about one’s own ability to borrow money.

REFAD partners are working across the country and are currently piloting the app as well as other financial education programs in addition to targeted financial services, such as savings groups, digital financial products and tailor-made business training. .

Roselyne Uwamahoro, UNCDF Country Manager for Rwanda, said that in Rwanda, the use of mobile phones, including smartphones, has increased exponentially in recent years, adding that UNCDF and its partners saw that there was a great need for people to build their digital skills, and a lot of enthusiasm for the Lenga app during the testing phase of the REFAD project.

“The importance of digital financial education is becoming evident, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

The panelists exchange their views on Inkomoko. The implementing partners are Inkomoko, Equity Bank Rwanda, Umutanguha Microfinance Company and World Relief Rwanda. / Dan Nsengiyumva

“Adequate financial inclusion in these times depends on the collective efforts of all actors in digital innovations and financial ecosystems to create and distribute fintech products suitable for low-income populations while improving their digital and financial skills. “

UNCDF typically offers “last mile” funding models that free up public and private resources, especially at the national level, to reduce poverty and support local economic development in the world’s 46 least developed countries.

In 2019, the fund launched its Inclusive Digital Economy (FDI) Strategy, with a vision to promote digital economies that leave no one behind and a goal of enabling millions of people by 2024 to use digital economies. innovative digital services to empower them and contribute to the achievement of the SDG goal.

Uwamahoro noted that the Lenga app is also intended to help the Rwandan government to ensure that 60% of the population is digital literate by 2024.

Innocent Muhizi, Director General of the Rwandan Information Society Authority (RISA), described the app as excellent because it helps people learn about digital financial literacy without leaving their place of residence, adding that the project aligns with the government’s digital literacy agenda.

He said the government looked forward to more partnerships to help it achieve the goals of the program, adding that beneficiaries should always be placed at the center so that products can be readily available to them and therefore effective.

The app was launched in Kigali on December 9. Dan Nsengiyumva

Paul Munyemana, who uses the Lenga app and is currently training colleagues at Mahama refugee camp in its use, said it helped them save money from a few and taught them how to do the jobs. necessary expenses and to budget for their needs as well as to work. with financial institutions like Umutanguha.

The application is expected to reach at least 10,000 Rwandans during the REFAD project. However, the app is intended for wide use, and any Rwandan with an Android device is welcome to download the app and use it to develop their own financial and digital skills.

It has been developed over the past year and a half through targeted research and partnerships. The application is in Kinyarwanda and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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