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Dixon Tech plans to export 5G mm phone to US and increase production capacity

National electronics manufacturing company Dixon Technology has started manufacturing 5G millimeter wave smartphones that will be the first set of devices in the segment to be exported from India, a senior company official said on Sunday.

Dixon has set up a manufacturing unit with an annual capacity of 7 million millimeter (mm) 5G phones and is establishing another factory with an annual capacity of 30 million smartphones in Noida.

The Orbic Myra 5G UW smartphone, which can operate in the high-frequency bands, is also the first partially designed smartphone in India, Dixon Technologies executive chairman Sunil Vachani told PTI.

The company signed a contract with US company Orbic, which sells smart devices for US-based telecom operators.

The 5G millimeter phone can theoretically deliver a speed of up to 5 gigabits per second (Gbps) on a phone that is over 250 times faster compared to the maximum 4G mobile connection speed recorded in India. According to reports, 5G millimeter smartphones have supported a speed of around 2 Gbps, which is around 90 times faster than the maximum speed recorded by telecommunications regulator Trai in India on the 4G network. Chip company Qualcomm and a few other companies helped design Orbic Myra 5G UW smartphones in India.

Orbic North America CEO Mike Narula said in a statement that this is a golden age for India for its manufacturing ecosystem and for bringing its entire product portfolio to manufacturing at Dixon, including portable devices, laptops, mobile hotspots and Chromebooks.

“This will advance the ‘Made in India’ program and we plan to export these products to the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan in 2022,” Narula said.

According to a supplier involved in the development of the smartphone, Dixon will start exporting this month and is expected to ship 2 million units overseas next year.

Vachani declined to comment on the volume of shipments, but said the company was able to build the 5G millimeter wave mobile phone manufacturing plant in a record five months with a production capacity of 7 million. smartphones per year and there is another mobile factory, coming to Noida, with an annual capacity of 30 million smartphones.

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