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Corn, Chicken Wings, Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, Funables Fruit Snacks, Chex Mix, Rice ::

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Publix has new sales starting June 8, including Corn, Chicken Wings, Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, Funables Fruit Snacks, Chex Mix, Sara Lee Butter Bread, Flipz Pretzels, Rice Vigo yellow and more.

These offers are based on the online ad preview on the Publix website for a location in Raleigh, NC. Some prices may vary in other stores. You may want to check your ad to verify prices. This list is not a price guarantee.

Offers valid all week

These offers are valid from June 8 to 14, 2022.


Yellow, white or bicolor corn, $0.50 each

Mangoes or honey mangoes, $1 each

Iceberg lettuce, $1.69 each

Seedless red grapes, $1.69/lb

Tomatoes on the vine, $1.99/lb

Honeycrisp apples, $2.49/lb

Express Fresh Salads, or Kits or Chopped Kits, 5-12.3 oz Pack, BOGO up to $2.50 each

Organic blackberries, 6 oz, $2.50

Raspberries, 6 oz, $2.50

Strawberries, 16 oz, $2.50

Asparagus, $2.99/lb

Athena cantaloupe, $2.99 ​​each

Broccoli or Brussels sprouts, $2.99 ​​each

GreenWise Organic Red or White Seedless Grapes, $2.99/lb

Blueberries or organic blueberries, 6 or 11 oz, $3.33

Publix red potatoes, 5 lb bag, $3.49

Blackberries, 6 oz, BOGO

Organic Red Raspberries, 6 oz, BOGO


Publix Chicken Wings, $3.79/lb

Ground sirloin, 3 lb or larger package, $4.99/lb

Prairie Fresh Pork Tenderloin, 18.4 oz, BOGO up to $4.99 each

Publix extra lean pork loin tenderloins, boneless, $4.99/lb

GreenWise Angus top sirloin steak, $7.99/lb

Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, $8.99/lb

Publix mahi-mahi fillets, frozen, 12 oz, $8.99

Publix extra large white shrimp, frozen, 21-25 per pound, 24 oz. package, BOGO

Publix Premium Mussels, 16 oz, BOGO


Matlaw stuffed clams, or scallops, frozen, 9 or 11 oz package, BOGO up to $2.99 ​​each

Holmes Smokehouse sausage, 12 oz, BOGO for $3.50 each

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, or hot dogs, 14-16 oz, BOGO up to $3.55 each

Hormel Bacon, 12 or 16 oz, BOGO up to $4.98 each

Armor Meatballs, 11-25 oz, BOGO

Beyond Meat Breakfast sausage patties, 7.4 oz, $3.99

Deli, Bakery & Floral

Publix Deli Tea or Lemonade, or Limeade, half gal bot., $2

Stonefire Naan Dippers, in the Deli, 7.05 oz, BOGO up to $2.25 each – $1 printable coupon on their website

Publix Bakery Small Blueberry Pie, 12 oz in the bakery, $3

Publix Deli tea or lemonade, 1 gallon, $3

Publix Deli potato or macaroni salad, or deli coleslaw, 32 oz, $4.50

Dairy and chilled products

Dannon Light + Fit Greek yogurt, 5.3 oz, $1

Silky Almond Milk Yogurt Alternative, So Delicious or Dannon Two Good Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative, 5.3 oz cup, $1

Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes, Ready to Heat, 24 oz Pack, BOGO up to $2.10 Each

Smart Balance Butter Spread 13 or 15 oz or 2-pk. 7.5 oz Jar or Spray, 8 oz Bottle, BOGO up to $2.33

Amish Country Halfmoon Chunk Cheese, Colby Jack, Colby Longhorn or Old Fashion Swiss; or Havarti or Swiss Colby, 8 oz pack, BOGO for $2.35 each

Chobani Coffee Creamer, or Herbal Creamer, 24 oz ctn., Cold Brew Black Coffee, 32 oz ctn., or Herbal Probiotic Drink, 14 oz.

Sale: BOGO up to $2.50 each

Coupons: $1 Coffee Coupon from 6/5 SS, $1 Probiotic Coupon from 6/5 SS

GreenWise Organic Greek Yogurt, 24 oz, $3.50

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee, 32 oz, BOGO

Good Culture Cottage Cheese, 5 or 5.3 oz, BOGO

Pillsbury ready to cook! Cookies, 11-16.5 oz, BOGO

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, 32 oz tub or Kids or YoBaby Yogurt, 6-pk. 3.1 or 4 oz or 8-pk. 2 or 2.25 oz pack, BOGO


GreenWise frozen organic vegetables, 10 oz, $2

Deep Indian Cuisine Appetizers, 7-12 oz, BOGO up to $2.99 ​​each

Red Baron pizza, selection, $4

Simek’s Appetizers, Baked Lasagna or Ziti, 32 oz box, BOGO up to $4.99 each

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, or non-dairy dessert, 1 ctn. or cookie dough pieces, 8 oz pouch, BOGO

Dole Frozen Blueberries, Whole Fruit or Other Assorted Fruit, or Mixed Fruits and Vegetables, 12 or 16 oz Bag, Select, BOGO

Lindy’s Genuine Italian Ice Cream, 36 oz, BOGO

Realgood Foods Breakfast Sandwiches or Bowls, select, BOGO

Realgood Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast, 10-12 oz, BOGO

Tillamook Ice Cream, 48oz, BOGO

Totino’s Pizza Rolls, selection, 100 units, BOGO

Stable shelf

Vigo yellow rice, 10 oz, BOGO up to $0.75 each

Jell-O Instant Pudding and Pie Filling, or Instant Pudding or Gelatin, 6 or 8 1/2 cup serving, select, BOGO for $0.90 each

Bush’s Best Beans, Or Chick Peas or Hominy, 15-16 oz can, $1

Olive Garden Seasoned Croutons, 5 oz bag, BOGO for $1 each

Funables Fruit Snacks, 10 ct. 8 oz box, BOGO up to $1.55

General Mills Chex Mix Snack, Or Bugles or Gardetto’s, 7-8.75 oz bag, BOGO up to $1.55 each

Sara Lee Butter Loaf, 20 oz, BOGO for $1.75 each

Flipz Pretzels, Chocolate Covered, 6.5 or 7.5 oz bag or Peanut Butter Covered, 6 oz bag, BOGO up to $1.99 each – 0.75 Coupon from 5/ 22 SS

Publix shredded cheese, 8 oz, $2

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal, 11-12 oz, BOGO up to $2.10 each

Kettle brand potato chips, 6.5-8.5 oz, BOGO up to $2.15 each

General Mills Cereal, select 8.9-10.9 oz can, BOGO up to $2.35 each – $1/2 Publix Digital Coupon

Pepperidge Farm Bread, 22 or 24 oz loaf, BOGO up to $2.25 each

Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies, Or Fudge Shoppe, Vienna Fingers, Coconut Dreams, Caramel Nut Dreams or EL Fudge, 7.7 – 14.2 oz pkg., $2.50 – 0.25 Ibotta Money Back Offer for Select Varieties

Kraft Mayonnaise, or Miracle Whip Dressing, 19-30 oz pack, BOGO up to $3.50 each

Nabisco Family Size Crackers, 10-25.6 oz box, $4

Community Coffee, Single Serve Cups, 10 or 12 ct. can or ground or whole bean, 11 or 12 oz bag, BOGO up to $4.15 each

Frito-Lay Party Size Snacks, 8.13-17 oz bag, $4.50


7UP products, pack of 6 or 8 vials, BOGO

Bertolli Olive Oil, 16.9oz, BOGO

Blue Diamond Almonds, 14 or 19.2 oz bag, BOGO

Bumble Bee Premium Chicken Breast, with Rib Meat, Piece in Water, 98% Fat Free, 10 oz can, BOGO

Entenmann’s Bread Cake, 11.5-14.5 oz, selected, BOGO

Epic pork rinds, or chicken crackers or chips, 1.5 or 2.5 oz bag, select, BOGO – .25 Ibotta Money Back Offer

Hostess cakes, select 9.5-16 oz, BOGO

Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries Cereal, Gold Original, Chocolatey Delight, Fruit & Yogurt, Gold Vanilla & Amond, 16.9-19.1 oz box, BOGO – $1/2 coupon from

Ocean Spray Craisins, 8-12 oz, BOGO

Pepsi, 6 bottle pack, BOGO

Planters Peanuts, 12 or 12.5 oz box, BOGO

Quaker Life Cereal, 18 oz can, or Cap’N Crunch, 13.8-18 oz can, BOGO – $1/2 Cap’n Crunch Coupon possibly in 6/12 SS

Thomas’ English muffins, 12-13 oz, BOGO

Wise potato chips, 6-7.5 oz, BOGO

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, 12 oz cans, BOGO


Irresistibles Meow Mix Cat Treats, 3 oz, select, BOGO for $0.90 each

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes, 70-80 count, BOGO up to $3.30 each – $0.50/1 printable coupon from

Northern Quilted Toilet Paper, Mega Rolls, 4-Pack, BOGO up to $3.75 each – $1.50 coupon when you sign up

White Cloud Toilet Paper, Mega Rolls, Unscented, Ultra Soft & Strong, 6 Roll Pack, BOGO up to $4.99 each

Glitter Paper Napkins, 6 count, Publix Digital Coupon from $5.50 to $1

Candle-lite candle, 18 oz jar, BOGO

Citrus Magic Air Freshener, Select, BOGO

Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster, 24 Bot. oz., Dishwashing Detergent, 15 ct. bag, Original Dishwasher Cleaner, 4-pk. box, select, BOGO


Basics of the Publix Coupon Policy:

* No double coupons at NC stores

* Limit of 8 identical coupons per day

* Publix accepts competitor coupons and competitor prescription coupons (at pharmacies). Each store’s competitor varies, so ask customer service.

* Can use a Manuf. coupon AND a Publix or Competitor coupon on the same item

* Unable to combine digital manufacturer coupons from their website with paper manufacturer coupons

* No % off or % off total coupons are accepted

* No mobile coupons are accepted

*Coupons for a total off your order total (like $5 off a $20 purchase) will be limited to one Publix coupon and one competitor per day

* Rain checks are not issued during the pandemic. As of March 2022, advertisements still state that they do not issue rain checks. Once they start issuing them again, rain vouchers are only issued for items advertised outside the store (on the radio or TV, or in the weekly ad, mail or website ). No rain checks will be issued for Publix, competitor or manufacturer coupons.

You can see their full coupon policy on their website.

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