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Best Microsoft Edge Mobile Tips and Tricks

Edge has made its way to mobile via Android and iOS. The former is based on Blink, while the latter is powered by the WebKit browser engine. Diving deeper into the Microsoft ecosystem is worth considering if you’re on Windows, as there’s room for seamless integration between devices. Like its computing counterpart, Edge on mobile has a lot to offer aside from a smooth browsing experience.

More features will make their way to the mobile browser with a roadmap for unification into a single codebase. Here we take Microsoft Edge mobile for a test drive and try out some cool features for everyday use.

Edge Mobile Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

We explore the features from my perspective with the Android 12 based smartphone. The experience may be a bit different on iOS, while most of the main features and interfaces remain the same.

1. Change the layout

Taking inspiration from the desktop sibling, Edge on mobile lets you customize the homepage but with a limited number of options. It offers three profiles – targeted, inspirational and personalized. Focused does as the name suggests, with a focus on no-frills web browsing. You are greeted by a Microsoft logo at the top of the address bar.

Inspirational shows Photo of the dayfrom Bing, as well as a newsfeed, accessible by simple swiping. Custom the layout allows users to choose targeted and inspiring elements. The browser loads inspiring default mode on first launch. It can be changed as follows.

a. Tap the lever icon in the upper right corner, which will show three options.

b. Select the desired layout on the homepage. If you select the personalized layout, you can select certain items to show/hide on the home page.
Edge Mobile Home Page Layout

2. Real-world camera search

Google Lens brought search engines into the real world by rendering everything searchable through the camera. Edge brings a basic version of it to the browser with its integrated search bar. Tap the camera icon on the homepage and start scanning objects to get similar image results powered by Bing.

Mobile Search Edge Camera

There is a barcode scanner that scans QR and standard codes. Scan the barcode and the retrieved text/information will be searched in the preferred search engine.

3. Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming an option on devices and apps. It’s a must-have for power users who spend hours on the phone, lurk on Reddit, read books, watch shows, and more. Edge mobile was put into white mode when installed. Here’s how to switch to dark mode on the Edge mobile browser.

Head to the settings toolbar at the three dots at the bottom. Go now to Appearance > Darkwhich will immediately change the appearance to dark mode.
Enable Mobile Edge Dark Mode

4. Screenshot

Taking screenshots has different methods, depending on the manufacturer. Some use the power button + volume up/down shortcut, while few have finger gestures at specific places on the screen. Microsoft Edge lets you take screenshots through the built-in feature.

There are two ways to take screenshots: full visible area and scrolling screenshots which allow users to capture the required part of a long page.

Take a screenshot of the visible area of ​​the tab

a. Tap the share button in the toolbar, located at the bottom.
share mobile button edge

b. Select the screenshot icon given on the left.

screenshot on edge mobile

vs. Save it to local storage or share it on social media or wirelessly to a nearby device.
screenshot on edge mobile

Take a continuous screenshot of the selected part of the tab

To note – On some smartphones, the option to take a rolling screenshot appears on Edge mobile when taken through the phone shortcut.

a. Select the second option from the left in the sharing toolbar

scroll screenshot mobile edge

b. Use the arrows on either side to cover a larger area of ​​the tab. Scroll up and down to include additional areas; then use the arrows to add them to the screenshot.

scroll screenshot mobile edge

vs. Tap the tick symbol to finalize the screenshot selection

D. Now we will land in the backup section just like the simple screenshot. You can save it locally, share it on social media apps, or delete it and take another screenshot.

5. Read aloud

Web accessibility is being embraced by the internet, with open source communities and tech giants leading the way. Just like desktop, Edge also brings it to mobile in the Lily Aloud mode, where all content on a webpage is read by the AI-powered narrator.

It can read pages in hundreds of different languages, with two or more voice options. English offers 14 different voices, accompanied by different accents. Activate it on a page in the following way.

a. Open a webpage you want to read and tap the three-dot button to open the toolbar from below.

b. Press on read aloud, and the narrator will start reading in the language detected on the page.

advanced mobile tips

vs. Select reading speed and voice by tapping the accessibility icon at the top.

Read Aloud Mobile Edge

6. Immersive Reader Mode

Read a text-heavy web page without any distractions, with the formatting and background of your choice. Enable Immersive Reader Mode in Edge Mobile by refreshing the page, swiping down, or performing other gestures configured on your phone.

Mobile edge reading mode

Tap the Reader Mode icon to allow it to be read on a lighter page. You can translate the page into another language, listen to it and format the text according to your reading preferences. There is also a dark mode which can be activated via the reading menu.

Mobile edge reading mode

7. Open a specific page at launch

Open a specific page when launching the browser. It differs from your home page, accessible via the toolbar. Sometimes we need to open a certain page daily, like college or job portal. Launch the browser and it will load in the first available tab.

Enable this feature by accessing Settings > General > Home page > A specific page and enter a web address with or without HTTPS.

Best Microsoft Edge Mobile Tips and Tricks - - September 21, 2022

8. Add pages to the Collection

Collections are a simplified way to organize shopping sites, articles, and web pages for later access. They provide a thumbnail-rich preview of the web page instead of text lists in bookmarks or favorites.

Add a page to the collection by heading to the toolbar > collections and typing “Add current page to collection.” Then choose a collection as the destination for the page.

Add to collection

9. Enable Do Not Track

Many websites track your information when you visit them. This can be a browser version, IP address and even cookies in many cases providing detailed details of previous visits.

You can hide your information by activating the Do Not Track feature, offered by major mobile browsers, including Microsoft Edge. Head toward Settings > Privacy & Security > Security and switch Do Not Track to ON.

Do Not Track Mobile Edge

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