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BAI Comms acquires the telecommunications company … – News

Acquisition strengthens BAI Communications growth plans

BAI Communications has confirmed the acquisition of telecommunications provider Vilicom as part of plans to strengthen its presence in the UK and Europe.

The acquisition further strengthens the global operations of the global communications infrastructure provider, as the company has secured a 20-year concession from Transport for London to improve connectivity in the metro.

This decision will see BAI Communications and Vilicom combine technical expertise and investment capacity to scale up new innovative connectivity solutions such as private 5G networks.

Vilicom specializes in the design, installation and management of high performance wireless networks, including 4G and 5G mobile and cellular coverage solutions, with more than 1,500 deployed to date.

Vilicom’s clients include healthcare, real estate, retail, hospitality, energy and mobile network operators, while major projects include Dublin T2 airport, football stadiums and Croke Park.


Commenting on the acquisition, Billy D’Arcy, CEO of BAI Communications UK, said: “At BAI, we work to connect the unconnected, and this acquisition will play a huge role in helping us achieve that goal.

“By focusing on indoor sites, Vilicom contributes to improving connectivity for all and by investing in its growth, we can transform access to high-speed mobile coverage, to the benefit not only of businesses, but of the United Kingdom. United as a whole. “

BAI Communications also recently acquired Mobilitie, the largest privately held telecommunications infrastructure company in the United States, while entering into a 20-year strategic partnership to transform Sunderland into an advanced smart city.