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Apple Card transactions are missing in the Wallet app for some users! No bug fix yet?

Apple Card transactions seem to be missing from the Wallet app for some iPhone users, several online complaints have been reported.

A new bug brings an Apple Card problem in which its users cannot view their recent transactions for the past few days, according to a report by Apple insider.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the Apple Card during a launch event at Apple Headquarters on March 25, 2019 in Cupertino, California.

Missing Apple Card transactions

Wallet app users have collectively reported that their Apple Card transactions seem to disappear into thin air with seemingly no other way to verify them.

A new error strangely hides recent transactions on the Wallet app on iPhone, leaving users unaware of their latest spending.

However, Apple Insider pointed out that iPhone users continue to see an accurate and updated balance on their Apple Card. But for some unknown reason, they couldn’t find their transactions where they were supposed to be.

Apple Card transactions not updating in Wallet app

According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, Missing Apple Card transactions on Wallet apps are likely caused by the latest iOS 15.5 rollout.

The outlet suggested that the latest iOS update, which introduces new upgrade features and tons of improvements, might be the source of the latest error on the Wallet app.

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A customer tries on an iPhone X at Apple Omotesando store on November 3, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

This comes as the problem happened coincidentally when Apple pushed its version 15.5. Some Reddit users also pointed out that they lost their Apple Card transactions after updating to the latest version of iOS.

However, when Apple Insider continued to verify it. It seems that iOS 15.5 is not the main culprit for missing transactions.

His staff also couldn’t find the transactions on the Wallet app of an iPhone that hasn’t yet received the latest version of iOS.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac also said in their report that iOS 15.4.1 users also encountered the missing transaction issue.

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How to View Apple Card Transactions

If it’s still unclear, the Apple Wallet app should show a list of real-time transactions when users buy anything with their Apple Card.

Apple Card transactions are missing in some users' Wallet app!  No bug fix yet?
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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 14: In this photo illustration an iPhone is used to make an Apple Pay purchase at the post office on July 14, 2015 in London, England.

The Cupertino giant allows its users to easily view their transactions directly from their smartphone, which should provide the details of the purchase, such as its locations and its cost.

According to the support page of Apple, recent purchases should appear on the Wallet app. It displays the “latest transactions” of its users once users tap their Apple Card.

Apple card problem: no solution yet?

The iPhone maker has yet to acknowledge the Apple Card transaction issue. Besides that, there is no official solution for this at the time of writing.

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