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An app to know the air quality of your city

We know that in recent years cities around the world have suffered severe blows in terms of air quality in the regionand this generates serious problems for the population living there.

For this reason, to avoid certain areas at certain times, there is an application specially designed for you that can help you know the air quality of your city.

The application is called IQAir AirVisual, available at, and among other things, it is designed to provide data to users on the air quality of cities around the world in real timeso they can see how polluted their locations are.

In addition to that, the app offers general weather information, interesting articles on improving air quality in the car, at home, at school or in the office, in hospitals and clinics, among many other places.

Another striking point that the application shows is the ranking of cities with the most polluted air in the worldapart from the fact that if you search for a specific city, you will be able to see a list of the cities with the most polluted air in the country in question.

This is what IQAir AirVisual offers you

Once you access IQAir official website or download its app, you will be able to see how detect your position from the first moment so you don’t need to do any adjustment by yourself.

Also, in case you don’t want to know the air data of your city but of some others, you can write the name of the site you want in the top search bar.

When you then look for a point, you will be able to see how the platform tells you if the pollution of the site is good, average or bad, In addition to the main polluting agentssome sanitary measures to protect against pollution and, as star data, the quality of the air that will reign in the city for the next few days as well as the weather and the wind, among other data.

Where does IQAir get all these reports from and how secure is the information? Well basically the platform gets those referrals via the database used by Apple’s Weather appso that you can have full confidence in this section.

However, it should be clarified that you can still find out there, either devices or systems, that measure air quality more accurately if you need to get more complete or detailed data.

You could say that we are talking about a fairly complete application and that, without a doubt, you could have on your mobile to see from time to time the data that is displayed there, and the best of all, it is a completely free application, so you can download it from Google Play or the ‘App Store without any problem.