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Amazon Music App Review – A Seamless Listening Experience

Over the past few years, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically. But today we have the best medium for listening to music – the best music apps. There are thousands of songs from hundreds of scales that can be accessed in seconds with such apps. Some services come with ads and some don’t, on some of the best lyrics apps you can find lyrics as well, and on some apps you can relax with your best friends while listening to your favorite music together. The best music apps now deliver experiences in more than one way.

Among all the big names in music players, Amazon Music has maintained its reputation quite well in recent years. Besides being developed by a big brand, Amazon Music has a lot more to offer, which we’ll discuss in more detail in this Amazon Music app review.

So, if you are curious to find out more about this best music streaming service, stay with us until the end of this Amazon Prime Music app review.

Amazon Music Unlimited app background

Before we move on to its features and evaluate the app from different angles, let’s dive into its context to understand the app in depth. The Amazon Music HD app was initially launched in 2007, and in 2008 it was the first platform to sell music without the involvement of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The Amazon Music family has expanded to Android TV devices by 2018.

Amazon Music HD app

According to a Statista report, in 2021, there are over 48.3 million Amazon Music users in the United States. The numbers are expected to hit a threshold of 52.5 million users in the United States by 2023. The reason for the popularity of the Amazon Prime Music Unlimited app is its functionality. From offering high-quality audio files to relevant Amazon Music podcasts for multiple tastes, the app delivers a competitive experience.

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited App Features

To better assess this one among the best music apps, let’s understand its crucial features before moving on to the next section.

1. Millions of songs without ads

best app to stream music

With a subscription to the Amazon Music Unlimited Premium app, you get millions of songs and thousands of podcasts to listen to. Ranging from instrumental to pop, rock to appeasement, and more, the music on Amazon Music HD is available to everyone all over the world.

2. Huge range of podcasts

Amazon Prime podcast app

The one thing we can’t miss in this Amazon Prime music review is its range of podcasts. From crime thrillers to motivational podcasts, the range of Amazon Prime podcast apps is huge. You can tag your favorite hosts and listen to their podcasts anytime and anywhere. Also, you don’t have an Amazon Prime podcast subscription to enjoy music or podcasts. The free version can be used with advertisements.

3. Download music offline

Amazon Prime music app

With premium subscription, you can use this best music streaming app to download music offline so that you don’t lose access even without internet. Downloading music provides an uninterrupted experience with no ads or the impact of network fluctuations. You can also select what kind of quality you want for the downloaded music. The higher quality consumes more internet data and requires more time or better internet connection speed.

4. Hands-free listening experience

If you are busy doing other things, be it traveling, cooking, or just feeling too lazy to pick up the smartphone to change songs, you can always do it with your voice on this best free music app. The free Amazon Music app supports tools like Google Assistant or Siri so you can control your favorite music player with your voice.

5. Pricing for Amazon Prime music apps

Another feature that must be discussed in this Amazon Music review is its free trial. The Amazon Prime music app comes with a free 30-day subscription for users to experience its features. To subscribe to the Amazon Music free trial, users do not need a debit or credit card.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Unlimited Music

With Prime

To free

$ 7.99 / month

Without Premium

Only for Amazon Prime members

$ 9.99 / month

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Music, the best free music app

This Amazon Music review is incomplete without going over the pros and cons of Amazon, the best music streaming service.

Benefits of the Amazon Prime music app

  • Basic features are free like streaming music, podcasts, etc.
  • Offers personalized recommendations according to your tastes
  • Allows you to import your playlists from other music platforms
  • Free trial is available for 30 days for new users for each feature
  • You can cancel your premium subscription at any time
  • Synchronizable on multiple devices
  • Supports voice commands

Cons of Amazon HD Music App

  • Free version includes ads
  • Cannot record offline music for free

Additional information for the Amazon Music Unlimited app

Additional information

MAD odds

Characteristics– 4.8
Security– 4.6
Navigation– 4.7
Price– 4.4


That’s all for the Amazon Music review we needed to conclude that Amazon Prime Music is without a doubt the best choice for an amazing music listening experience. From music on demand to built-in radio stations, it has almost everything. So, for every occasion, whether it’s the long trips you take to work or college, or a birthday party, Amazon Prime Music has a huge range of music to suit every taste.

In the end, hopefully this Amazon Music Unlimited review helped. If you also have a smartphone app, you can also have your app reviewed by the experts at MobileAppDaily. It can help your app from a marketing standpoint and our honest app reviews also let you know if your app has the potential to improve so you can increase your user base. You can also read detailed reports and other app reviews on the website, you might end up finding a perfect app for your needs.

Until we meet you with another app review, keep visiting and Ciao!

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